Members & subscriptions

  • Centralised management of the ID files
  • Membership and access cards management
  • Subscriptions definition and renewals management
  • Online subscriptions, confirmations follow-up, payment reminders by e-mail, sms or post
  • Real-time statistics
  • Data import
  • Extractions, Emailing, SMS, targeted newsletters


  • Booking of sport grounds, rooms, dressing rooms...
  • Different levels of accessibility and booking (single, multiple, rain, schools, contracts...)
  • Control of the members' validity and access category, as well as renting prices
  • Incorporated into your website or into an iClub website and customized in the colours of your club. Named grounds with sponsor's logos
  • Online search for partners online, activities
  • Communication to the members

Schools & Academies

  • Online catalogue of multilingual lessons, courses, events and tournaments
  • Online registrations with management of the available places
  • Automatic or manual dispatch of registrations per group, per ground/room, per coach and/or per level
  • Real-time schedules and print-outs
  • Performance/attendance management
  • Confirmation follow-ups, reminders, satisfaction surveys by e.mail and sms. Printing of lists
  • Statistics
  • Online CTSC.
  • Online payments

Access control

  • Gate control
  • Access control through magnetic or biometric cards, ...


  • An intranet per team with composition of players / captain / coach
  • The coach's advice for the team and per player
  • Fixture planning
  • Convocations by e.mail or sms
  • Mailings to the team
  • Match results
  • The team's photo gallery
  • Discussion forum per team


  • Invoices issue
  • Automatic delivery by e.mail, mass sending
  • Linked to your accounting software,...

Energy control

  • Control of your infrastructures' lighting and heating according to the reservation planning
  • Connected to your electric board
  • Energy saving


  • A website that can be fully configured in your club's colours
  • Simple editing and updating of the menus and pages in three languages
  • Incorporation of sponsors' logos with management of the contracts
  • Easy editing of news with management of the publication dates
  • Option: online shop