A specialized sports & IT partner

Our Team is composed of 7 persons, specialized in sports and in IT, with more than 20 years of experience in sports and in software development and sale.

This enables us better understand your needs, bring you clear and precise replies and assist you in a real long-term partnership.

A tried and tested solution

The iClub project started in 2003, its first sale was made in 2006. Today we work with more than 100 partners - clients, satisfied by the services we offer them in Belgium.
20000 daily users in the various clubs.
More than 2000000 reservations per year.
More than 5000000 pages consulted yearly.
More than 20 man-years of development.

A solution that meets your objectives

Improve the visibility of your services and increase your subscriptions.

Optimize your infrastructures occupation and make them profitable.

Improve your communication, the quality of your services and develop your members loyalty.

Develop a more professional image and give better visibility to your sponsors

Save time in the administrative follow-up and collect your payments more easily

Take the right decisions for your company's future

Organize a high-quality teaching

A profitable solution

Group all your management, booking and communication tools within one reliable partner will help you save a lot of time.

Implementing the iClub tools will help you give much more visibility to your services and make them more easily accessible to your potential clients.

iClub acts, for you, as a virtual secretary which enables the persons in charge focus on more significant and interesting issues.

You'll give a more professional image of your organization which will help you attract new partners more easily.

A complete and modular solution FR/NL/EN/SP

iClub consists of several units that will be activated to reply precisely to the totality of your needs. We can manage the totality of your internet solutions, thereby you will work with a single partner allowing you focus on your core business.

An adapted and upgradable solution

Each unit is defined in order to adapt itself to your operational needs. Acting as your partner and based on our experience, we sometimes suggest you some changes that can help improve your organization.

iClub is developed with our clients. If a functionality does not exist, and could serve the users community as a whole, we do our best to develop it as quickly as possible; thereby you'll benefit from every innovation

A reliable and secure online solution

There is nothing for you to set up: you'll access your secure management environment through a simple internet connection, your personal ID and password. A range of user profiles is defined, and you can also create some customized ones in order to allow you delegate certain tasks very safely (e.g. the management of your website).

A customized service

Each unit is sold together with practical training to manage your parameters and get familiar with its use, in order to make you autonomous in the short, medium and long term.

You will benefit, in standard,from efficient on-line support, and, during your first month of use, from phone support as well.

We will see each other at least once a year in order to take stock of your iClub use and to show you the innovations that concern you.

Training sessions in small groups are also proposed on a regular basis for your organization's newcomers.